Vocal Music

Singing classically takes time, talent, and dedication. Becoming a classical singer requires intensive study of classical music, music theory, and vocal technique. Immersing yourself through listening, studying, and practicing will help you sing wonderfully.

What is the Sangeetham?

The name derives from two Malayalam or Sanskrit or Telugu words: Sopanam and Sangeetham. The word Sopanam refers to the sacred steps of main shrine of a temple and Sangeetham refers to music.
Even if you are a rock or pop singer looking for improvement in your singing skills, you will be required to learn classical music to sing melodiously and experiment different styles of singing in your peice of work. Many of the modern style singers also mention being classically trained as well.

We at Nirvana Academy focus on the teaching of classical Vocal Singing as we are working towards the preseverance of Indian Traditions and Culture. We give our students a gist of the music around the world (including Western Classical Vocal)
Our teachings of music help in moulding the students towards healthy living and exuberance.

  • Semi-Classical Singing
  • Light Vocal & Bollywood
  • Guitar Playing