Kathak is one of the best Indian classical dance forms as it unites the body, mind and soul of the dancer. Kathak is considered one of the ten major forms of Indian classical dance. The origin of Kathak is traditionally attributed to the travelling bards of ancient northern India, also known as Kathakars or storytellers.

Kathak, which comes from Northern and Western India, is also considered to be one of the major dance forms of India, recognized by the Ministry of Culture

Is Kathakali and Kathak the same?

Kathak and Kathakali are two different dance forms of India. There is a lot of difference between them, when it comes to the techniques, gestures and delineation involved during performance. Kathak originated from North India whereas Kathakali originated from South India. In fact it is a classical form of dance drama.

We at Nirvana Academy focus on the teaching of classical dance forms as we are working towards the preseverance of Indian Traditions and Culture.
Our Indian Classical heritage also moulds the students towards healthy living and exuberance.

Other dance forms including Aerobics, Jass, Salsa and Bollywood style are also taught here, keeping the Overall Personality Development of the students in mind.